360° panoramic webcam

360° panoramic webcam

Exacam has developed a 360° webcam making it possible for web surfers to immerse themselves in a 360° panorama and to mouse their own way through (moving, zooming, linking with hotspots, etc.). No waiting queue, no wasted mouse clicks ! Each surfer can move the image about as desired.

We offer different solutions based on either:

  • integration of a dome camera, this concept created by Exacam, in addition to providing access to panoramic vision, lets the user take a number of snapshots, zoomed images (optically magnified up to 25 times) that will be displayed separately.
    See an example
  • integration of megapixels cameras, to get high definition panorama (3 Megapixels) from 180 à 360° with 2 to 4 fixed zooms.
    See an example

You can depending of your need and the solution chosen:

  • build 360° panoramas and zoomed views
  • build MPEG 4 video sequences from differents angles
  • live broadcast
  • integrate weather data

The video server accepts different kind of connection: GSM/GPRS, RTC, RNIS or DSL modem.

Complete solution starting from 3 199 €
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See the Live Panoramic 360° webcam of:

Panorama :
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